October 18, 2016 Online Performers Group

OP Group Pleased to Welcome Bikeman as New Client

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing Bikeman.

One of Twitch’s longest-streaming entertainers, Bikeman is best-known for his improvisational humor and the prolific number of games he broadcasts.

Bikeman’s influence in the space has driven dozens of games to the top of the Steam charts, as other streamers often look to him for game recommendations.

Bikeman rarely uses a camera when he streams, keeping the focus on the game and engaging audiences with his commentary alone. A bit of a mysterious figure, his true identity wasn’t known until he started attending conventions recently.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that Bikeman can continue to focus on providing high quality video content and livestreaming entertainment to his growing community of fans.