March 14, 2017 Online Performers Group

OP Group Pleased to Welcome CinCinBear as New Client

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing CinCinBear.

A woman of many talents, CinCinBear has found success on Twitch through her exciting game play and energetic personality. 

She has a popular following on Patreon where she cosplays everything from anime characters to video game heroes. Her main games have been WoW, Overwatch, CS:GO, and Minecraft during her streaming career on Twitch, and she is one of the fastest growing female streamers to date.

Her dynamic and friendly personality is sure to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that CinCinBear can continue to focus on providing high quality video content and livestreaming entertainment to her growing community of fans.