September 5, 2017 Online Performers Group

OP Group Pleased to Announce Nine New Clients

We are pleased to announce a major expansion our management services, increasing our client roster to include more than 20 clients on three continents, including well-known broadcasters Quin69, Squirrel, Tru3ta1ent, among many others. Today’s additional clients bring OPG’s management portfolio to more than 7.2 million Twitch followers and 409 million monthly watched minutes. New broadcasters that have hired OPG as their management resource include:

AlaskanSavage. AlaskanSavage is a variety broadcaster whose got his start while serving as a chef at an oil camp in (you guessed it) rural Alaska. He was originally drawn to the Twitch community as a viewer, to combat the loneliness of the remote location. Within months of starting to stream, he became a Twitch Partner, and was recruited onto Main Menu, a leading Twitch variety broadcasting team. Since then, his star has only continued to rise. He broadcasts nearly 100 different games on his channel each year, and has a particular soft spot for obscure film quotes, and action RPGs like Dark Souls, The Witcher, and Skyrim.

Dethridge. Dethridge has found success on Twitch doing what he does best: playing games and interacting with his audience. He first made his mark on Twitch by specializing in just a handful of games. Since those early days, he and his community – The Knight Club – have continually expanded their interests, exploring the best games in a wide variety of genres. Dethridge prides himself on promoting a positive side of the Internet. Active since 2012, he continues to grow as a lasting and influential voice in the livestreaming community.

dmbrandon. Brandon started in the gaming community as a tournament-goer in the late 90’s, and has been competing in and organizing events for the past 20 years. A former professional Smash Bros player, he transitioned and built his broadcasting skills by serving on the full-time commentary team for Hi-Rez studios’ SMITE. He later shifted to full-time livestreaming, where he regularly explores titles in a wide variety of game genres (though SMITE is still a major focus of his broadcasts.) Never one to shy away from controversy, Brandon’s energetic and sometimes contrarian persona are balanced by his expert-level insights into game design and industry trends, often providing valuable guidance for brave developers.

Lowco. Lowco has a loyal following composed of other friendly and respectful community members on Twitch. Lowco has also established her own community titled the Looneybin, which hosts an array of features for active community members including forums, a merch shop, and a community calendar. As a variety streamer, the games that Lowco plays have no boundaries, ranging from casual sandbox games to the hardcore RPG genre. Fans praise her ”scary games” streams, her skill at shooters, and the engaging way she approaches new & unknown games.

Quin69. A Twitch mainstay since 2014, Quin hails from the mystical land of New Zealand. His combination of skilled gameplay alongside his sharp sense of humor and Kiwi charm has garnered him a loyal worldwide following. His fanbase tunes in live every day to be entertained by his unique take on games like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, and Path of Exile. A passionate MMO and ARPG player, Quin’s always searching for the next adventure or achievement – his next major one, announced in August 2017, will be becoming a father!

Sattelizergames. The Twitch landscape is full of energetic personalities, but few can match the raw charisma of Sattelizer. Never one to shy away from unique games, Sattelizer plays a little bit of everything on his Twitch livestream and runs a growing YouTube channel as well. Whether he’s comically hunting down his victims “in character” in horror games like Friday the 13th, or earnestly fighting for survival in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Sattelizer brings an ever-increasing quality of entertainment to every broadcast.

Teawrex. A professional streamer since 2014, Teawrex has risen in popularity thanks to his hard work and dedication to the Twitch community. He is most well-known for his Destiny content, but also streams a wide variety of different titles and is willing to play almost his fans enjoy. Along with his friendly chat full of dedicated ‘dinos,’ Teawrex perfectly balances community interaction with high-level gameplay to make his channel one of the most engaging on Twitch.

Tru3ta1ent. Tru3ta1ent is one of the most skilled gamers streaming on Twitch. His community, built around fighting games like For Honor, tunes in daily to watch him hone his skills in high-level gameplay and PVP combat. A pillar of his influence rests around the learning component of his live stream, where he educates viewers on his tricks of the trade. Always competitive, Tru3ta1ent is constantly looking for the next challenge in a myriad of games that span many genres, from survival horror like Dead by Daylight to traditional fighting titles like Absolver.

Squirrel.  Twitch and YouTube mainstay Squirrel is a veteran of simulation gaming. He hosts one of the most popular simulator-focused channels on the YouTube and Twitch platforms, and covers many different games in the simulator genre. From delivering goods in a long-haul truck, to racing behind the wheel of a supercar, flying jets across the continents, and tending to the crops of his virtual farm, Squirrel takes full advantage of the large variety of simulation experiences available. Squirrel’s light, relaxed and educational style and highly interactive relationship with his audience has helped Squirrel build one of the most friendly, helpful, and respectful communities on Twitch.

These signings represent the beginning of an expansion phase for Online Performers Group. We’ve spent the past few years validating our business model and expanding services. Over the past year, we’ve added public relations, proprietary analytics, event logistics, payroll support, accounting, collections and other services to our offering. We’re now ready to provide services to a much broader range of clients. Our goal is to continue to build toward providing a 360 degree management experience, so the only thing a broadcaster needs to worry about is putting on a good show.