November 9, 2017 Online Performers Group

Online Performers Group Announces New Benefits for Broadcasters

In 2017, we got a few serious wake-up calls. From the tragic death of Brian Vigneault to Bikeman’s fortunately less-tragic heart attack, we’ve seen numerous examples where broadcasters need to take better care of themselves. Work/life balance is something we’re passionate about at Online Performers Group – and not a topic we take lightly.

For us, 2018 is going to be the year of work/life balance. For content creators, work/life balance is the biggest thing that’s missing – and our greatest concern. We’ve done things like take clients on cruises and host vacations in San Diego, but it’s not enough. The pressures broadcasters feel still weigh heavily on them. As a company and as an industry, I know we can do more to fix this.

Today, I’m happy to announce two linked benefits that we will be providing for clients starting next year. The first is that starting on February 1, 2018, OPG will take a substantially lower revenue share from our management clients. There’s only one minor catch… which happens to be the other benefit.


As a company, one of our core philosophies is to never take an action that would cost our clients money. We built our business model around revenue sharing, rather than a fee-based system. This was designed to minimize upfront risk for broadcasters.

Our business model starts with a couple simple ideas:

• Our clients should never lose money by working with us.

• And we make money together, or not at all.

As such, we only take a revenue share on the business that we grow together, where we can clearly demonstrate our value. We will never take subscription, tip, bit or advertising revenues from broadcasters, nor take away their ownership rights or ability to make the right decision for their channels.

Our model has been working well. Clients have experienced growth in their sponsored revenues by as much as 2500% (though 300-500% has been more typical!). This has allowed us to increase the staff that serve them, adding data analysts, PR executives and event planners while allowing us to ensure that each broadcaster has a full-time account manager that can respond to them almost instantly on any topic, from getting them keys for a new game to helping them propose to their girlfriend.

Each time we hit a new growth milestone, Jenn and I talk about how we can best invest the profits. So far, we’ve been using extra revenue to expand services. This has been successful and we’re going to continue doing that. This time, we decided to invest directly in our clients.

As of February 1, 2018, OPG will take a reduced revenue share if clients do one thing:


THEY  yellow hand clap emoji MUST yellow hand clap emoji TAKE yellow hand clap emojiyellow hand clap emoji VACATION

Creating Work/Life Balance

With this new program, operating on a pilot basis until the end of 2018, OPG clients will have the opportunity to earn a refund of thousands of dollars in revenue share annually by simply taking a few days off. All OPG clients will be eligible to receive a refund on more than 15% of our revenue share if they take ten days of vacation a year.


We just have three rules:

  • No streaming – it must be an actual vacation!
  • They must leave the house and go somewhere that is not work-related. PAX doesn’t count!
  • Share some photos on Twitter, so other broadcasters see that it’s okay to take a break

I know this is just a small step, but it is a step forward. If it inspires even one broadcaster to think about work/life balance and how to make a healthier career, it’s worth it to me.

We’ll be talking about this more on Office Hours tomorrow, so feel free to tune in and ask questions!