January 4, 2018

OP Group Pleased to Welcome Curvyllama as New Client

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing Curvyllama!CurvyLlama headshot selfie blue hair

A wild llama has appeared and she’s here to stay. Curvyllama started streaming on Twitch in 2014 and has quickly built a reputation for herself as one of the most engaging and entertaining broadcasters on the entire site.

This former model turned full-time broadcaster began attending esports events over a decade ago and now spends most of her time playing first and third-person shooters with her loyal community. So if you’re in need of someone to brighten up your day, stop by and embrace the llama love!

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that Curvyllama can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to her fans.