January 19, 2018

OP Group Pleased to Announce Three New Clients

Happy New Year! 2017 was an incredible year for online content creators as well as our team here at Online Performers Group. With another year in the books, 2018 looks to be off to a good start as we announce that three talented broadcasters have just hired OPG as their management resource.

It’s our pleasure to announce that Online Performers Group will now be representing Faux, Wyld, and B0aty!


Veteran, streamer, and student, Faux is one of the biggest names in Runescape on Twitch. He is a talented influencer who manages to balance his work, his education, and his personal life very well. He began his streaming career on Twitch in early 2013, and by the end of the year he was partnered and had a loyal community of Runescape fans. Being such an important and large part of the Runescape space has made him a powerful force in one of the most consistently popular directories on Twitch. Faux has a passion for fitness, and enjoys sharing his knowledge, education, and personal experiences with his audience. On stream, he strives to maintain a positive environment focused on constant communityinteraction.


Twitch streamer, modpack maker, and voice actor are but a small summation of the talents that Wyld brings to the table.
Raised by boxing kangaroos in the wildlife sanctuary known as Australia, Wyld is no stranger to survival; making a name for himself in Minecraft’s treacherous hardcore mode. While the stream continues with modpacks for Minecraft, Wyld’s love and over 35 years of experience in gaming shines through with discussion and in-depth analysis of both new releases and gaming classics.
With an engaging personality and an incredibly magnetic charm, this uncanny Aussie has a strong community that has proven to be one of the most loyal on Twitch.


Possessing over a decade of in-game experience, B0aty is by far one of the most prolific Runescape players in history. Known primarily for his overall knowledge of the game, as well as his skill in both PvE and PvP play, B0aty possesses an in-game resume that is hard to match. Aside from his high-level play, B0aty is well-known for his charitable efforts on behalf of MacMillan Cancer Support, raising over 140,000 thousand pounds for charity. With his unique combination of high-level gameplay and his irresistible ginger charm, this brilliant Brit is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic personalities online.

These signings represent the beginning of an important year for Online Performers Group as we continue to expand our services to more broadcasters. We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that they can continue to focus on providing high-quality livestreaming entertainment to their fans.