Angry Joe Partners with Origin PC and Rebrands as Happy Joe


Austin, TX – In an unplanned move, legendary content creator, Joe “Angry Joe” Vargas announces official rebranding as “Happy Joe”.

Joe “Angry Joe” Vargas, a leading YouTube and Twitch content creator known for his hard-hitting game reviews and tell-it-like-it-is style of content creation, today announced the rebranding of his YouTube channel to The Happy Joe Show. The comprehensive and extremely sudden rebrand follows his partnership with Origin PC, whose hardware has completely changed his worldview.

“It is no longer the Angry Joe Show, because I can’t be angry anymore, not with these awesome new Origin PCs and Laptops. We’re taking it in a different direction. It’s now the Happy Joe Show – because these computers make me happy as [email protected]!” said Vargas, eating marshmallows out of the bag as he revealed his new unicorn and rainbow adorned logo while skipping down the street.

Origin PC executives were also taken by surprise at the development. “We’ve always believed in our product, but for our computers to transform someone as notoriously irate as Joe is a miracle we didn’t even realize we were capable of,” said Kevin Wasielewski, CEO of Origin PC. “Maybe we should send one to Gordon Ramsay and see what happens.”

With this rebrand, Happy Joe takes his place as YouTube’s happiest star, with more than 2.9 million incredibly pleasant subscribers. When discussing the change, he cites the fervent loyalty of the Angry Army as a key driver of this change. “The Happy Army’s feedback really made this happen,” said Vargas. “I try to adjust to what the audience wants to see.”

With the rebrand, the show’s content will shift to incorporate topics with more positivity, including makeup tutorials, ASMR recordings and baking lessons with Other Joe and Delrith. From now on, all games, movies and hardware will receive a minimum of 10 out of 10 in their reviews and Happy Joe will keep a swear jar visible at all times, in case anyone says words like heck, gosh, darn or shoot.

“Happy Joe has always been ahead of the curve,” said Online Performers Group CEO Omeed Dariani, on the two-year anniversary of working for Joe. “I’ve never met anyone who can pull you in the way Joe does. When he was angry, you were angry too. Now that he’s happy… well, I’ve started to develop magical powers and frankly I’m a little scared,” Dariani trailed off as his magical umbrella carried him away.

Approached for further comment, Joe, Delrith and Other Joe were too busy snuggling a litter of adorable puppies they found while rescuing a tiny kitten from a tree. For more details on this rebranding, make sure to watch Happy Joe’s latest video, which can be found here: