January 4, 2019

OP Group Pleased to Welcome Woops and Peeve

We are pleased to announce that both Woops and Peeve have hired Online Performers Group for management services.

WoopsWoops image purple hair

Step in to the world of virtual reality with Woops, one of the fastest growing influencers on Twitch. Woops made his mark on streaming when his friends convinced him to start up a channel and “get the ball rolling.” He became an immediate hit, achieving partnership on Twitch in only 2 months’ time.

His expertise and skill in VR-based games helped him to rank up to #2 in Beat Saber and keeps him in the top 30 of the game every month. The Woops audience enjoys a great time, no matter the game. Be on the front line of the future of gaming and join Woops’s chat for a great time!

Peevepeeve logo

Soulsborne professional and community leader, Peeve got his start in streaming after posting about his experiences in Dark Souls in online chatrooms. Eventually, his peers suggested to him that he record the game while he plays. He came up in the Souls community posting YouTube videos and eventually moved on to streaming on Twitch.

Peeve cemented his mark on the Souls community when he founded the popular “Return to the Nexus” event. This event led to other community ran events like “Return to Lordran” for Dark Souls. He’s such a staple to the community that he worked on the official Dark Souls Remastered Collector’s Edition Guide. He was even approached by Bandai Namco to create a tutorial video on how to parry, which he then personally organized into a sponsored parry competition for Dark Souls between him and another content creator. His channel features a variety of games, focusing on action and adventure open world games where Peeve can create his own interesting stories to tell.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that Woops and Peeve can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to their fans.

December 21, 2018

OP Group Pleased to Welcome Naomi and Swag_Dracula

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing two more talented content creators, Naomi and Swag_Dracula.

NaomiNaomi smiling and looking at the camera

At the age of five, Naomi picked up a copy of Doom and since then, she just hasn’t stopped looking for different games to explore. A full-time variety broadcaster since 2015, Naomi has been bringing her brand of positivity to her TatoTeam for a few years now and continues to deliver quality content nearly every day.

When it comes to variety on Twitch, few broadcasters offer such a broad range of content as Naomi does. Whether you’re looking for gaming, art streams, singing, or just someone to hang out with, Naomi’s channel will likely have everything you could want and more.

Swag_DraculaSwag_Dracula Avatar

Swag Dracula is the #1 streamer to come out of Transylvania, enchanting viewers with his hypnotic voice and devilishly witty charm. This vampire themed caster was the fastest growing Twitch partner in 2017 – gaining 30,000 followers in one month. With his focus on high engagement, he has mesmerized a community of loyal mortals known as the Drac Pack. Swag Dracula is a variety streamer who specializes in the Horror and Survival genre, whole hosting all sorts of events on his channel such as Talk Show Tuesdays and Friday Night Frights.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that Naomi and Swag_Dracula can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to their fans.

P4wnyhof and Crendor
November 16, 2018

OP Group Pleased to Welcome P4wnyhof and Crendor as New Clients

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing both P4wnyhof and Crendor.


P4wnyhof is recognized as one of Germany’s Top Streamers, having built an audience of over half a million followers across Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter by playing a wide variety of games such as Hearthstone, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and The Witcher 3.

While known for his blend of educational content and high-skill gameplay, P4wnyhof is perhaps best identified by members of his community for his overwhelmingly positive attitude. In fact, this positive energy spilled over into his username, which derives from a German word that roughly translates to “Pony Farm.” The idea being that P4wnyhof’s  ”Pony Farm” is a place for gamers to gather together and just enjoy the games.


Crendor is a veteran in the content creation world. Crendor got his start on YouTube making funny and creative videos on World of Warcraft. With the advent of streaming, he now has an active Twitch following alongside his unique presence on YouTube. Crendor plays a variety of games, including WoW, League of Legends, Blood Bowl, and anything that catches his eye.

Crendor has developed a large following across his content creation platforms, with his own unique channels such as wowcrendor, CrendorIRL (Vlog content), and the Cox and Crendor podcast. An avid sports fan, Crendor and  friends also collaborate on their podcast, Three Guys Talk About Football.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that P4wnyhof and Crendor can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to their fans.

Simcopter1 smiling in a purple Twitch shirt
October 26, 2018

OP Group Pleased to Welcome Simcopter1 as New Client

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing Simcopter1.

Coming up from the horizon is SimCopter1! Sim began streaming Hearthstone in April of 2014. Due to a popular post on the Hearthstone subreddit reaching the front page, Simcopter1 managed to quickly grow his channel all within days of starting streaming for the very first time. After only a few weeks of streaming, he was offered a partnership on Twitch, thus his streaming journey began!

SimCopter1 typically covers strategy and simulation games such as: Faster then Light, RimWorld, and Stardew Valley. Sim has a fantastically inclusive rapport with his audience, engaging with them actively and often. If you’re looking for strategies, tips and a positive attitude, tune in to Simcopter1’s stream.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that Simcopter1 can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to his fans.

September 21, 2018

OP Group Pleased to Welcome TigerWriter and DJTechLive

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing two more talented content creators, TigerWriter and DJTechLive.

TigerWriterBlack and white photo of TigerWriter wearing glasses with left hand resting on cheek

TigerWriter is one of the most diverse, creative and entertaining streamers on Twitch. With a genuine outlook and a history of writing songs as a touring musician, TigerWriter brings a whole new level of entertainment to his Twitch audiences. Featuring a variety of gaming mixed with live musical performances, entertaining is just a mild description of TigerWriter’s personality.

With the passion and desire for his career in entertainment, TigerWriter is known for welcoming viewers into the community he has built, bringing smiles and merrymaking positivity to all.

DJTechLiveDJTechLive wearing hat and holding headphones around his neck

DJTechLive is a full-time variety streamer with a focus on creating a positive, friendly environment for his community. Whether playing through the latest exciting video game or spending a relaxing day in Twitch’s Creative directory, you can always count on DJTechLive to bring the kind of entertainment that the whole family can enjoy.

A well-rounded broadcaster, DJTechLive has had experience in event hosting, commentary, interviewing, and correspondence across multiple platforms during his career.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that TigerWriter and DJTechLive can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to their fans.

September 19, 2018

Online Performers Group Launches Debt Collection Service for All Broadcasters


hand writing the words "Debt Collection" in blue text with an OPG logo in the bottom left-hand cornner

Debt Collection by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

In my last update, I predicted that 2018 was going to be the best year on record for online performers. As we hit the middle of the busy season, I’m happy to report that prediction to be accurate. We’re seeing more opportunities, bigger deals, longer-term sponsorships and endorsements than ever before.

In other words, it’s a great time to be an online performer. And 2019 is likely to be even better.

While there is much to be happy about, the influx of interest and money has also driven a surge of exploitative companies, unregistered agents, false managers as well as other bad actors eager to capitalize on the revenue opportunities and lack of transparency in this new industry. Their ideal environment is one where you are bound by confidentiality agreements and incapable of discussing pricing or treatment with your audiences, your peers or the companies that want to employ your services. In this kind of isolated environment, performing in a vacuum, it’s impossible to know if you are being treated fairly. And that makes it easy for them to divert your earnings without you – or the companies they’re working for – ever realizing.

As you can imagine… we are not fans of this. We’ve been shielding our clients from these situations for years, but we haven’t been doing enough to protect broadcasters as a whole. I want to change that.

Today, we’re rolling out the first OPG service designed for the entire industry: debt collection. One of the most common methods of exploitation is simple:

They don’t pay.

Why Companies Don’t Pay

These companies know you have a difficult, time-consuming career. They know you have a million things going on – and your next show is less than 24 hours away. They know you might not have access to a lawyer – and that legal fees may be higher than the total amount of money you get back. If they make the process onerous, ask for additional paperwork or just move slowly enough, there’s a good chance you will lose track of the conversation or become discouraged and move on.

It’s unfortunately easy and effective.

Sometimes, debts go unpaid for perfectly innocent reasons. Maybe you didn’t send in all the paperwork. After the second or third attempt to contact you, the company just gave up. Maybe they mailed you a physical check and you moved or lost it or just never cashed it. Maybe, right when you sent in the paperwork, someone left the company and things got lost. Maybe an email went to spam or someone transposed two digits in your banking information. There are so many ways these things can fail naturally as well.

Whatever the reason… it’s your money. You earned it. You deserve it. You should get it.

Why OPG Can Help?

OPG does business with hundreds of game publishers, studios, hardware companies, brands, marketing agencies and event companies throughout the world. If you’ve done a deal with a company that works with broadcasters, the odds are good that we have too. If that deal went awry for some reason… we may be able to help you set things right and get paid.

We’ve been helping our clients with debt collection for years. Now we want to expand that service to the broader community, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you haven’t been paid!

How does this work?

If you’ve done a deal and not been paid for it, or are due a payment that is excessively late and you need help collecting, click here. We’ll ask you a few questions to determine if your situation qualifies for our service. We’ll ask you to:

  1.  Provide a link to the sponsored content you are owed money for.
  2. Certify that you have a copy of the fully executed contract for the deal.
  3. Ensure the bill is overdue and you are not within agreed upon payment terms (look for the term NET30, NET 60, etc. – that means they have that many days to pay). Note that in the game industry bills are often a LITTLE late (3-10 days), so it may be worth it to try on your own for a little while first.
  4. Certify the deliverables in your contract were completed in good form. Note: one reason for non-payment is a dispute over the delivery/quality of work. If you completed the work and feel it’s of good quality, it’s possible we can help you recover the money you’re owed.
  5. Ensure you have records/emails/DMs/etc. documenting the discussions surrounding the deal.

Once you provide this info, our team will evaluate the information to determine if we think we can help you recover your debt. If we believe we can, a representative will reach out to you to begin the process. At that point, we’ll need to sign an NDA to discuss confidential or sensitive topics. Once that’s done, we’ll ask you to provide as much documentation of the issue as possible. Depending on the complexity, we may need to schedule a phone call to discuss, but many straightforward transactions can be handled primarily via email.

After we’ve evaluated the documentation, we’ll need to sign some documents that authorize us to collect the debt on your behalf and then we’ll get to work!

What does this cost?

Typical debt collection services charge 30% of the TOTAL you are owed, regardless of the amount that they recover. As an example, if you were owed $1,000, the debt collection service is empowered to negotiate a lower payment rate and takes the first $300 of any money collected. This means that it’s unlikely you’d get back very much of your money.

In our system – which may need to change as we develop it – we want to do better. Obviously, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to recover your money, so it feels wrong to charge upfront for the service. IF we succeed, we’ve succeeded together, so we’ll both get paid. Our initial revenue share plan is 15% (minimum $150) of the amount YOU receive, not the total you are owed.

That’s it. At OPG we’re passionate about doing good in the industry and protecting online performers from exploitative and predatory businesses. It’s our hope that this service will help to increase transparency in the industry and ensure that more money ends up where it should: in the hands of broadcasters.

I have an outstanding debt. What do I do?

Click here to send us the information we need to evaluate your situation.

As always, let us know what you think! Follow us at @op_group on Twitter and give us feedback!

TheNo1Alex wearing black and white jacket sitting inside of a car
September 14, 2018

OP Group Pleased to Welcome TheNo1Alex as New Client

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing TheNo1Alex.

TheNo1Alex is an experienced variety streamer known for his incredible enthusiasm and friendly community. His passion as a gamer and entertainer shows through his streams where he dedicates playing a wide variety of games with a soft spot for Japanese titles.

Alex speaks fluent Japanese and has been a lifelong fan of Japanese culture. He makes a couple of trips a year to Japan to stream his experiences and share Japanese culture with his audience.

Whether he’s playing the latest new game, beating a hard challenge, or even taking his viewers for a walk around the streets of Tokyo, Alex has fostered a dedicated community of fans and gamers that eagerly await his next adventure.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that TheNo1Alex can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to his fans.

Dodger and Strippin headshots
August 24, 2018

OP Group Pleased to Welcome Dodger and Strippin as New Clients

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing both Dodger and Strippin.


Dodger began creating gaming-centric YouTube content back in 2010, where she quickly cemented herself as one of the platform’s top creators.  Whether she’s discussing the latest news in gaming or simply having a cup of coffee with her audience, Dodger always does so with an infectious charm few others can match.

Today, Dodger continues to create content on YouTube but has also expanded her reach onto the Twitch platform, bringing her charismatic personality to a livestream audience. Playing a variety of games ranging from RPGs to sandbox titles, Dodger continues to be one of the most influential broadcasters in the industry.


Strippin is an experienced gamer and content creator who originally got his start with Yogscast on Youtube. Eventually, Strippin took his experience in creating entertaining gaming content and transitioned over to Twitch as his primary content vehicle and he’s never looked back.

Wry and funny with a thorough British charm, Strippin is an entertainer of the highest caliber. He’s one of the more experienced content creators in the business and spans an eclectic range of games for everyone to enjoy from survival and strategy to roleplaying – whatever it takes to draw out the best characteristics of a title and make the viewers smile.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that Dodger and Strippin can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to her fans.

darkness429 facebook siefe mixer
August 17, 2018

OPG Announces Expansion to Facebook Gaming & Mixer

When we started OPG in 2014, Twitch felt like the Wild West. At the time, the entire space was an exciting new frontier, seriously lacking in terms of rules, regulations, and standards. Four years later, we’re proud to say that we’ve done our part to help make the industry a better-understood and safer place to do business and today, we take a next exciting step into another new frontier. Actually, two.

In 2014, the world of video game streaming truly only had a single major player in it. In 2018, this is simply no longer true, with other platforms now presenting viable alternatives to the status quo. As of today, OPG begins representing influencers who work on Facebook Gaming and Mixer, starting with our inaugural client on each platform: Darkness429 and Siefe.

As the industry evolves and grows, we expect to see online performers succeed on many platforms – even platforms that don’t yet exist. As OPG moves into multi-platform management, we will build tools, develop analytics, solve problems and innovate in ways that will benefit broadcasters no matter which platform – or platforms – they call home.

We are truly excited to begin this journey together – and are honored that the top broadcasters on Facebook Gaming and Mixer have chosen to hire us for management services. I hope you’ll enjoy their streams as much as we do!

Darkness429darkness429 smiling and wearing blue jacket

Darkness429, also known as “Timmeh”, began his streaming career in 2014 when he started streaming the Titanfall beta. His channel began to grow at a rapid pace as he branched out to other shooters such as Doom, Rainbow 6 Siege, Division and Destiny. He became well known as one of the top streamers for competitive first-person shooters.

In early 2018, Darkness429 made a leap, switching from Twitch to the brand-new Facebook Gaming initiative, where he stood out as a highly interactive streamer with outstanding production quality. Today, Darkness429 leads Facebook Gaming’s streaming platform as one of their largest and most loved creators.

SiefeSiefe wearing baseball hat and white turtle beach headset

A veteran of the gaming industry, Siefe has decisively cemented himself as one of the premier broadcasters on Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer. While he may be instantly recognizable today for his high-level gameplay on-stream, Siefe’s history as a member of the gaming community dates back to his time working as a consultant on various esports titles.

Since obtaining his partnership in early 2017, Siefe has racked up numerous firsts on the growing platform including first user to one million views and first user to a quarter-million followers. With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, Siefe looks to lead by example as a pioneer on Mixer.

OPG will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that both Darkness429 and Siefe can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to their fans.

OPG Content Producers SirSlaw Caliverse Danotage Friskk
July 13, 2018

OP Group Pleased to Announce 4 Clients in New ‘Content Producer’ Category

We are pleased to announce that Online Performers Group is now working for a group of specialized content creators in a new “Content Producer” category that focuses on gaming personalities with specialized hosting, writing, production, game design, or tech skills.

This client category focuses on providing support services to creators who are balancing full-time content creation with a variety of sponsored content and consulting engagements, and who are compensated by promotional partners more for their skill in a specific content area than for their follower count or the size of their daily audience.


SirSlaw in black and white photo wearing glasses and adjusting tie.

SirSlaw is a full-time broadcaster with a strong focus on interactivity between himself and his viewers. While livestreaming on the surface may simply look like people playing games on the internet, at its core people stay for the communities formed because of it.

With this concept in mind, SirSlaw created his own personal community engagement system which he calls, “The Houses System.” Taking inspiration from various fantasy universes, SirSlaw is able to build stronger connections with his community and has become a pioneer in using technology to foster livestream community-building.


Caliverse face turned, puckering lips, with her hand in her hair

All super heroes start somewhere – Caliverse’s super hero origin story begins in California and usually ends with her standing tall after vanquishing her foes. This talented broadcaster may be known for her inviting personality and entertaining streams, but those who dare get in her way feel the full force of her in-game skill.

Caliverse’s gaming history dates all the way back to the days of the Sega Genesis Nomad, when games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat were revolutionizing the game industry. With a passion for various aspects of nerd culture, Caliverse has formed a strong and dedicated community for herself.


Danotage wearing headset and smiling

While the title of “skilled gamer” would be accurate when describing Danotage, it would hardly be sufficient. This multi-talented broadcaster runs a distinctive channel that features a combination of proficient gameplay and intellectual discussion that few can rival.

With Danotage, you may come for the games, but you’ll likely stay for the cause. The channel began as a platform to help educate viewers regarding humanitarian, non-profit causes such as Extra Life, St. Jude’s, and others. For Danotage, gaming is about much more than fun and games.


Friskk smiling in front of purple and white Twitch logo board

If you’re ever feeling like you need someone to help put a smile on your face, look no further than Friskk’s stream. This talented gamer provides her audience with far more than exciting gameplay.

With her cheerful persona and wide range of voice talents, just listening to Friskk commentate on the game at hand can be entertaining enough. The one thing you don’t want to do, however is let her innocent charm fool you – she knows how to turn it on when it’s game time. With a background in competitive shooters dating back to the early 2000’s, Friskk can bring the pain just as well as she can bring the laughs.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that SirSlaw, Caliverse, Danotage, and Friskk can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to their fans.