OP Group is invading PAX Prime 2015!

(Well, at the very least, we’ll be taking up a few seats at the bar.)

PAX-Prime-Logo2015 has overwhelmingly been the Year of Livestreaming. Not only has it taken off as an entertainment medium, but also a viable career path on the ever-changing internet. From the announcement of TwitchCon, to multi-million dollar e-sports tournments, there is no better time to be in this budding industry. This is the ground floor! #hype

If you’re an upcoming streamer or just interested in what this space has to offer, we’d like to recommend a few panels during your trip to PAX Prime:

Dropped Frames: An Evening with Twitch Streamers!
Saturday: 9-10PM
CohhCarnage, itmeJP, Ezekiel_III, and other awesome people will be talking about all things streaming related. A must-see for anyone interested in livestreaming and the Twitch community!

Women in Geek Media
Sunday: 11AM-12PM
Being a woman on the internet can still present hardships. Hang out with a bunch of amazing content creators to talk about how they overcome difficulties, why they keep creating, and how you can get started.

Omnia Presents: How To Build an Audience
Sunday: 6-7PM
So you want to make content, but how do people see it? How do you build your identity in a sea of budding creators? Get some advice from a few of the biggest names on YouTube.

Make Stuff for the Internet!
Sunday: 7:30PM-8:30PM
An open discussion on how some of the largest channels on YouTube got their start, and insight on posting online content for a living.

Mindcrack: Creating Group Content
Sunday: 12-1PM
Join the Mindcrack crew as they explain how they worked together to coordinate content and find a diverse audience via their videos and streams.

The Far Future of Gaming
Sunday: 1-2PM
What do the next five years hold for video games? What about the next 30, or the next 100? A discussion about what is driving and holding back this industry, and where it may go in the future.

The OPG crew will be around PAX, attending panels, walking the show floor, and hitting up parties all weekend. If you’re a livestreamer, YouTuber, or other awesome content creator, we’d love to talk to you. Follow us on Twitter for updates on where we are at and how to find us.

We also invite you to DM or tweet at any of us if you’d like to meet up!

OP Group: @op_group
Omeed Dariani (Founder): @omeed
Moblord (Strategic Consultant): @moblordTV
Skyla Grimes (Account Manager): @skylatron

Gender Study

Today OPG launches a blog. This will be a place where we’ll put some of our upcoming posts will feature tips on hardware, quick guides, research, analytical studies of games and streamers, and news on what we are up to.

And I can’t think of a better first post than what we’re about to share with you.

Gender Study on Twitch

Several months ago, it became a personal project of mine to address myths and inaccuracies on Twitch around the topic of female broadcasters. I’ve been a moderator for a variety of mid-size female broadcasts for the last year and a half, and over that time, I saw hundreds of people who would wander in and spout some generalized sexism about how “cam girls were taking over Twitch” and “they’re only popular because they are a girl” or “I wish I had boobs so that I could get big on Twitch”. These kinds of opinions run rampant on Twitter, Reddit, and in the female broadcaster’s chatrooms. So… I thought I’d look up statistics to find out how accurate these claims were.

It turns out, there really weren’t any statistics here. I tried even writing Twitch directly, and my response back was basically “you know as well as we do; we don’t collect this data”. So, I gathered a mixed group of trusted mods, grad students, and streamers and we set out on a mission. With the help of Twinge.tv, who gave us custom access to their systems, we’ve produced the largest study to date. And, this is tip of the iceberg, as we have more info coming soon.

Without further ado: OPGroup.tv – Gender Analysis on Twitch.