Convention Scheduling Tips for Broadcasters

Convention season – one of the most fun, and most stressful, times of the year for broadcasters and influencers.

Whether you’re going to one convention or ten, here are some tips to remember when you’re scheduling appointments.

unnamed-300x1881. Create a shared spreadsheet and calendar (and actually share them!)

Compile a spreadsheet of booths, games, and panels you absolutely don’t want to miss. Every time you schedule an appointment, put it on your calendar with the time, point of contact, and location. Share these documents with your mods, managers, and other support team staff.

tEREUy1vSfuSu8LzTop3_IMG_2538-300x2002. Set schedule reminders
Conventions are hectic for everyone – it is important to be considerate of others’ time, and be punctual for your appointments. Using that shared calendar, set up email and text reminders. You can also create alarms on your phone, just for backup.


pax2010_3_b.1341526329-300x2003. Schedule time between appointments
Give yourself at least 30 minutes to walk between appointments. You may need longer if you think you’re going to run into fans! Also remember to schedule a lunch block every day – if you’re planning on waiting in a food line, you may need 90 minutes.


Evixdg2-300x2514. Save your files offline
Cell reception isn’t always reliable at conventions. Save all important documents offline (in the form of screenshots or notes on your phone). This includes plane tickets, hotel confirmation, convention center maps, your schedule, and party tickets.


images5. Get the contact details for your booth rep
After you’ve got an appointment locked in, get the phone number for the person you’re scheduling with. If you’re running late or have other questions, it is often easier to text someone at a show than it is to email them.


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