Commentator, Host, Game Development Consultant

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Brandon started in the gaming community as a tournament-goer in the late 90’s, and has been competing in and organizing events for the past 20 years. A former professional Smash Bros player, he transitioned and built his broadcasting skills by serving on the full-time commentary team for Hi-Rez studios’ SMITE.

He later shifted to full-time livestreaming, where he regularly explores titles in a wide variety of game genres (though SMITE is still a major focus of his broadcasts.) Fans tune in to his daily streams for his characteristic combination of high level gameplay and extreme salt (the ban hammer flows freely on his channel – especially if you’re unfortunate enough to win one of his giveaways.) Never one to shy away from controversy, Brandon’s energetic and sometimes contrarian persona are balanced by his expert-level insights into game design and industry trends, often providing valuable guidance for brave developers.

215 Million watched minutes per year

268,000 followers across all platforms

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