King Gothalion

Twitch Partner, Tech Addict, Veteran Beat Boxer.

2 Million Views per Month
870,000 Twitch Followers

243,000 Video Views per Month

305,000 YouTube Subscribers

1.2 Million Impressions per Month

302,000 Twitter Followers

King Gothalion is one of the most influential voices on Twitch. Best-known for his community building and absolute domination of Destiny, Gothalion also samples a variety of games and is one of the most notable Nintendo variety streamers as well.

His broadcasts are friendly and highly interactive, with a level of professionalism and polish that is rarely seen on Twitch. Gothalion is also a key member of the Wobblers stream team, which features many other influential livestreamers.

659 Million minutes watched annually

1.48 Million followers across all platforms

Top 4 Markets
North America



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Last Updated: September 15 2018