Professional Variety Streamer, Creator of Memorable Moments & Community Leader

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Soulsborne professional and community leader, Peeve got his start in streaming after posting about his experiences in Dark Souls in online chatrooms. Eventually, his peers suggested to him that he record the game while he plays. He came up in the Souls community posting YouTube videos and eventually moved on to streaming on Twitch.

Peeve cemented his mark on the Souls community when he founded the popular “Return to the Nexus” event. This event led to other community ran events like "Return to Lordran" for Dark Souls. He's such a staple to the community that he worked on the official Dark Souls Remastered Collector's Edition Guide. He was even approached by Bandai Namco to create a tutorial video on how to parry, which he then personally organized into a sponsored parry competition for Dark Souls between him and another content creator. His channel features a variety of games, focusing on action and adventure open world games where Peeve can create his own interesting stories to tell.

159 Million watched minutes per year

307,300 followers across all platforms

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Last Updated: January 4, 2019