Multiplayer Combat and Strategy Game Expert

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109,500 YouTube Subscribers

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Sacriel is the premier strategic combat and survival specialist on Twitch, providing educational analysis in everything he does, and seasoned with his signature recipe of dry British humor. One of the top UK streamers, Sacriel has grown a fully global audience since starting on Twitch in early 2012 and was nominated for Streamer of the Year at the 2017 Esports Industry Awards.

A lover of innovation, Sacriel has a long history of setting a higher standard of excellence for all streamers, being the first ever to implement a subscription loyalty program (praised in the Twitch retrospective) that is still unmatched to this day, and also created a wildly successful giveaway system. Sacriel’s regular content features non-stop tactical action, an eager passion to learn and teach, and the famous mature community self-named, “The 42nd!”

628 Million watched minutes per year

681,000 followers across all platforms

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