Variety streamer, Japanese culture enthusiast, Best Alex around

536,300 Views per Month
85,300 Twitch Followers

839,000 Impressions per Month
10,100 Twitter Followers

TheNo1Alex is an experienced variety streamer known for his incredible enthusiasm and friendly community. His passion as a gamer and entertainer shows through his streams where he dedicates playing a wide variety of games with a soft spot for Japanese titles.

Alex speaks fluent Japanese and has been a lifelong fan of Japanese culture. He makes a couple of trips a year to Japan to stream his experiences and share Japanese culture with his audience.

Whether he’s playing the latest new game, beating a hard challenge, or even taking his viewers for a walk around the streets of Tokyo, Alex has fostered a dedicated community of fans and gamers that eagerly await his next adventure.

111 Million watched minutes per year

98,800followers across all platforms

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Last Updated: September 14, 2018