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OPG is a full-service management resource for cutting-edge talent. We focus on the business side of content creation, so you can focus on your performance. Here are some of the ways we work for streamers and other content creators:

Promotional Opportunities

Helping you build direct, long-term relationships with top-tier studios, publishers, & brands.


Negotiating to ensure you receive fair terms & compensation for your work.


Managing travel arrangements, logistics, scheduling and meet-ups/parties around conventions.

Marketing & PR

Developing marketing & promotional materials to highlight your value as an influencer.

Stream Analysis

Analyzing data on thousands of broadcasts and games to keep you up to date on new trends and techniques.

Legal Advice

Access to game industry legal veterans who can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Career Development

Advice to help you achieve your goals and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.

Channel Staff

Managing payments to channel support staff, and connecting you to freelancers for art & production.

Tax Planning

Access to Twitch-savvy accountants and financial advisors to help with taxes, bookkeeping, and wealth management.

Debt Collection

We track down and collect payment for activations, sponsorships, and prizes that haven’t been paid out to you.

Health Insurance

Assistance in selecting, enrolling in, and making payments on health care insurance coverage. (Pilot program 2018.)

Paid Vacation

Earn a cash refund on management fees when you take vacation time away from content creation. (Pilot program 2018.)

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Team OP

Omeed Dariani wearing salmon-colored shirt



Omeed is an industry veteran with a career spanning almost every form of media. He’s been an emote in an MMO. He appears on a half dozen TCG cards. He lectured at MIT and NYU. He started He created two cartoons (one’s on Netflix). He worked on Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, TMNT, World of Warcraft, EverQuest, Blade & Soul, Marvel and DC Comics, Pirates of the Caribbean and many more. He prefers scotch and mezcal.




Jennifer brings over a decade of corporate strategy, marketing, & community relations experience to the OP Group. She has a wealth of experience in managing operations for successful client services businesses of all sizes. She received her bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. from Harvard University, where she studied online communities and helped pioneer the field of online ethnography




A lifelong gamer, media professional, and sales leader, Shane Wilson comes to OP Group with years of experience in the game industry. Beginning his career working in marketing for the snowboard industry, Shane transitioned into the game industry with the goal to empower gamers through community, content creation, and entertainment. Throughout his career, Shane has accomplished these goals by creating innovative and enjoyable idea that drive the game marketplace as a whole. Shane’s journey through the game industry has allowed him to be involved in the earliest phases of startups, help build brands from the ground up, and even be part of an executive team that sold a startup to Amazon. Shane attributes his ability to continue delivering this high level of performance to the support of his wife, Kara and his children, Tommy and Julia.

Casey's Profile Picture


Director of Client Services

Over the last decade, Casey’s portfolio has included project management and planning a wide range of gaming industry events for Upper Deck, SOE, Daybreak Games and Blizzard. Casey mirrors the passion she has for creating epic events with a passion for living life. It’s not a rare occurrence to see Casey take on crazy new adventures like skydiving, bungee jumping, hiking Half Dome or trapezing. Although, having her “Tinker Casey” World of Warcraft TCG card art be used for Hearthstone’s Novice Engineer just might be one of her greatest achievements unlocked thus far!

Josh Profile Picture


Corporate Accountant

Josh brings a degree in business and finance along with a background in manufacturing and distribution to Online Performers Group. As a Tottenham Hotspur fan, he played soccer for four years at Chapman University. Josh is an Orange County native who moved to San Diego and is enjoying the beach, food, and people. Josh likes a movie and game night with friends almost as much as spending time with his fiancé and dog.

Audrey's Profile Picture


Senior Account Manager

Audrey comes to Online Performers Group from a background in theatre and performance art. She is a graduate from San Diego State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Television, Film, and New Media. Audrey’s passion for both games and entertainment naturally brought her to Twitch, where she can spend hours watching streamers doing what they do best. When she doesn’t have a mouse in her hand and keyboard under her fingertips, she can be found taking in local theatre or enjoying a margarita

Jamar wearing black t-shirt ninjaajam


Senior Account Manager

Jamar comes to the Online Performers Group with a rich graphic design and digital media background, and is also the host of a weekly podcast that streams live on Twitch. He is active on Youtube as both a content creator and as a community member. Jamar’s lifelong passion for gaming and digital media led him to OPG, where he is excited to help livestreamers take their channels and careers to the next level.

Joe wearing red button-down shirt


Account Manager

Joe’s quests through life have taken him from Pallet Town to the Great Deku Tree, and finally all the way to San Diego and the Online Performers Group. His background in sales and passion for video games and the surrounding community mesh beautifully for such a unique environment. Away from his desk Joe is an avid beer enthusiast, and you can find him pouring for Lagunitas Brewing at festivals around San Diego. With a healthy love of the outdoors, he spends as much time as possible on the many beaches and trails of the area. Also a lifelong traveler, Joe’s journies through the US, New Zealand, and around Europe have fueled an unquenchable thirst for the next adventure

Oliver wearing dark blue button-down shirt oliverpascual13


Account Manager

Oliver comes to Online Performers Group bringing with him experience from the world of digital marketing. Before wading through the difficult waters of content marketing, social media, and SEO, he studied at San Diego State University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Television, Film, and New Media in addition to a minor in Sociology. While at San Diego State, he participated in the school’s newly-formed eSports club, specializing in the popular Blizzard RTS title, Starcraft 2. These days, Oliver can be found honing his skills on the digital battlefield, watching movies, or hanging out with his cats, Luke and Leia.

Janessa wearing striped shirt


Account Manager

Janessa, also known as PodsofWar, is a San Diego native and UCSD alum, where she majored in Communication with minors in Writing and Theatre. Janessa grew up playing the SNES but fell in love with first person shooters through Halo 2. She began streaming in September 2016 and has grown her Twitch channel through her energetic and positive community, and her dedication for helping growing streamers understand the platform. Janessa has served as the Community Manager for the stream team Oqportunity, led by H1Z1 Pro League player Pineaqples, an admin for the Destiny stream team The Pizza Party, founded by SheSnaps, and a mod for the Caster Café streaming community. When she isn’t working or streaming, Janessa enjoys performing in musical theatre, riding her Ninja 250 motorcycle, and playing paintball.

Tyler wearing light blue button-down shirt


Account Manager

Tyler arrives at Online Performers Group with a management background and a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from San Diego State University. Raised in a small town in Northern California you’ll often find him soaking up the sun whether surfing, cycling, hiking, snowboarding, filming, or wrenching on his car and motorcycles. But don’t let the wetsuit tan fool you, Tyler has been a lifelong console gamer starting with the NES when he was just 3 years old. When the sun goes down you’ll find him hunting apexes in the latest racing games or causing utter chaos in sandbox style worlds. His love for digital media and excitement to join a growing industry blend together perfectly in this unique environment.



Account Manager

Sara, better known as Pymms, comes to Online Performers Group with a varied background in digital media. She is originally from Los Angeles and has a Bachelor's in English from UCLA. Her love of video games led her to Twitch four years ago where she quickly found a home in SimCopter1's community. She has a passion for digital communities and acts as a Moderator for multiple streams and a Community Manager for Nomakk. When she's not traipsing through art museums or trying to min/max Stardew Valley, she can be found painting and drinking tea.


Account Coordinator

Zac is a marketing major and San Diego native with a lifetime passion for video games, cooking, traveling, and beer tasting. Zac typically likes to spend his weekends in North Park, hitting up the locally famous City Taco for a beer and some grub but can also be found nearby at the Observatory for their amazing music scene. Along with his driven attitude, Zac brings his marketing and analysis skills to the OPG team; consistently keeping up to date with video game trends and following the hype train for the latest triple A or indie titles that pop up throughout the year. Although Zac enjoys playing a wide variety of games, he likes to stick to MOBAs and shooters where he can sharpen his mechanics and reflexes to dominate the competition.

Devin wearing maroon shirt


Account Coordinator

Devin comes to the Online Performers Group with a self proclamation of being a jack of all trades. He has helped develop the business end of crypto-currencies, done the planning for multiple start-ups, served in the Air Force as a munitions technician and he has written for several podcasts drifting on the web. Devin is excited to bring his diverse range of experience and skills to the team and looks forward to helping content creators one-on-one.

Adriana sitting in front of white background


Graphics Design Coordinator

Adriana is an artist, life-long gamer, and game designer. Originally born in Texas, traveled the world as a kid with a military family, and finally settled on San Diego. She has a diverse background in Theater, Visual FX, Social Media Marketing/Management and Illustration. Adriana has broadcasted on Twitch before only briefly, but prefers to mainly focus on the back end, behind-the-scenes parts of streaming. She is a fan of MMO's, some FPS's and fighting games. Currently she is working on concept art for personal projects in her spare time and can be found on her tablet at home.



Executive Assistant

Rachel Weatherford is our new Executive Assistant. She brings extensive experience in full-cycle administrative assistance, event planning and human resources from an eclectic mix of industries to OPG. Rachel prefers to pull strings from behind the curtain and is well known for nopeing out of most photographic opportunities that prove her existence. She is passionate about exploring new restaurants in San Diego and giving back to the community through her volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity.

Jeremy headshot


Data Solutions Manager

A Java programmer, data science student, beer brewer, and stay-at-home father, Jeremy spends his free time being involved in and supporting game communities. He’s also been an active broadcaster and co-host of a gaming talk show on Twitch. He connected with the OP Group while looking for other ways to support the streaming community. Jeremy lives with his wife and children in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where they enjoy hiking on the weekends.


Tournament and Game Design Consultant

Dave has spent most of the last 15 years designing games, both physical and digital. He enjoys almost every aspect of the design process: from balancing mechanics to IP creation, from writing strategy articles to organized play. Dave has degrees in philosophy from both Stanford and UCSD. When he is not consulting for the OP Group, he spends most of his time walking his two corgis from one cafe to another.

Barry Carlyon wearing black sweater and t-shirt



Developer by day, Twitch Cast Engineer by night, Barry is often found in a dark room working away at a screen of green on black, building the things that make casts work both on air and offair. As a developer, he specializes in solving your current problems and the ones you haven’t thought of yet. Chat Bots, to Overlays, to Websites, to App’s, and everything in between – he knows them all!

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