March 1, 2019

OP Group Pleased to Welcome Venalis, BigFoltz, and Archonaut as New Clients

We are pleased to announce that the Online Performers Group is now representing three more talented content creators: BigFoltz, Archonaut, and our newest content producer, Venalis.


Cody “BigFoltz” Foltz takes to the battlefield with his trademark combination of high-end gameplay, on point humor, and excellent in-game skills. A lifelong gamer in his own right, BigFoltz’s inspiration for content creation began as he watched videos of other gamers playing Call of Duty. It was at this point that he knew that he wanted to make similarly awesome content like that too. Wanting to share his highly skilled gameplay with the world, he started making videos and later got in to livestreaming his content as well.

BigFoltz has built a strong and loyal community of over 1 million subscribers on YouTube alone! He has also developed a large audience across a variety of other platforms including Twitter and Twitch. A young entrepreneur, Cody has reached his personal goal of generating at least a million dollars worth of revenue for his previous sponsors combined. He is also the owner of the DooM Clan, a strong team of influencers and eSports athletes dedicated to spreading joy and positivity by producing entertaining gaming content.


We live in a world of boredom, safety, and familiarity; most people walk on eggshells, afraid to color outside the lines. With Archonaut, you can rebel against the status-quo; few content creators can match the level of production quality & professionalism that he brings to his stream daily. Following his 2015 introduction into livestreaming, Archonaut has become one of the most influential broadcasters on Microsoft’s Mixer platform; with each broadcast, he leads his community of explorers further into new frontiers of entertainment.

While often found on the latest shooter, Archonaut has eclectic tastes and isn’t afraid to explore the unknown. With his revolutionary approach to streaming, it should come as no surprise that his dedicated “True Crew” can’t get enough.


Venalis spends his time on Twitch donning different characters as one of the most successful role-players on the platform. You might know him as the owner of Darkside RP, a role play server where content creators get together to tell stories through entertaining open world gameplay.

While he might not be throwing out “360 no-scope gameplay” he has won the hearts of his community, The Darkside, through his hilarious sense of humor and pictures of his cat, Kragen and dog, Nasus. With five years of full-time broadcasting under his belt, Venalis is as professional and entertaining as they come.

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that BigFoltz, Archhonaut, and Venalis can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to their fans.