May 31, 2019

OP Group Pleased to Welcome Sweet_Anita as New Client

We are pleased to announce that Sweet_Anita has hired Online Performers Group for management services.

A unique and charismatic streamer, Sweet_Anita is a rising star on Twitch with a big personality who strongly promotes mental health awareness. Diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, Anita’s streams are littered with tics, which can vary in nature, ranging from subtle sounds to boisterous phrases that would most definitely fall under NSFW.

While her tics are spirited, Anita truly lives up to her ‘Sweet’ title and uses her platform on Twitch to host one of the more popular and interesting ‘Just Chatting’ channels on the site; hosting honest discussions with her fans and answering their questions about her life and living with Tourette’s

We will be providing business development, negotiation, and day-to-day management services so that Sweet_Anita can continue to focus on providing high-quality, live streaming entertainment to her fans.