Variety Streamer, Travel Vlogger, Winner

1.18 Million views per month
411 Thousand Twitch Followers
78 Thousand Views per Month
63 Thousand Subscribers
164 Thousand Followers
59.85 Million Impressions per month

AvaGG is an accomplished content creator, well-known amongst her Avaholics for her engaging streams, fiery personality, and unapologetic demeanor.

Since her early days coming up in the Call of Duty scene, Ava’s channel has grown to include a variety of content that includes shooters, RP, karaoke, and whatever else she may feel like doing that night. That said, don’t let Ava’s willingness to try new things fool you, she can be a serious competitor, with multiple tournament and showmatch victories under her belt to prove it.

Her gaming accolades aside, Ava has also branched out into the world of lifestyle content. A quick glance at her YouTube channel reveals travel vlogs from her adventures around Japan, Portugal, and more. Beyond that, fans of her popular Instagram account will discover everything from gaming and travel, to food and fashion.

AvaGG is a unique personality in the gaming space, who’s defining characteristic is that she is authentically Ava, all the time.

91.45 Million watched minutes per year
0.00 follows across all Platforms

Top 4 Markets

North America60%

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Last Updated May 20 2020