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One of the most inspirational leaders on Twitch, Bajheera takes his slogan of “Games And Gains” seriously.

A staple in the World of Warcraft community, he’s right at home in the middle of an intense PvP match. He’s has earned his title of Gladiator in the arena more than 20 times, has achieved the coveted Rank 1 status placing him in the top 0.1% of WoW PvP competitors, and even has an NPC named after him in game. A well-rounded broadcaster, Bajheera also enjoys jumping into action RPGs, adventures, shooters, and exploring new MMO titles.

Bajheera’s commitment to excellence shows in all aspects of his life. In addition to his gaming prowess, he’s also a professional bodybuilder and won the Musclemania California Championship and has competed at the World Championship in Las Vegas. He regularly streams his workouts from his home gym, and educates his audience on how gamers can keep themselves fit and healthy.

Alongside the Games and Gains, Bajheera spends time with his wife, son, and cats. No stranger to putting the team on his back, he never hesitates in tackling a new project or taking on any challenge. You may even see him on a Twitch billboard near you!

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Last Updated May 20 2020