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Cody “BigFoltz” Foltz takes to the battlefield with his trademark combination of high-end gameplay, on point humor, and excellent in-game skills. A lifelong gamer in his own right, BigFoltz’s inspiration for content creation began as he watched videos of other gamers playing Call of Duty. It was at this point that he knew that he wanted to make similarly awesome content like that too. Wanting to share his highly skilled gameplay with the world, he started making videos and later got in to livestreaming his content as well.

BigFoltz has built a strong and loyal community of over 1 million subscribers on YouTube alone! He has also developed a large audience across a variety of other platforms including Twitter and Twitch. A young entrepreneur, Cody has reached his personal goal of generating at least a million dollars worth of revenue for his previous sponsors combined. He is also the owner of the DooM Clan, a strong team of influencers and eSports athletes dedicated to spreading joy and positivity by producing entertaining gaming content.

3.1 Million views per month
1.6 million + followers across all platforms

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North America74%

Last Updated Aug 13 2019