Competitive Gamer, Sports Fan, Animal Rights Activist

60 Thousand views per month
80 Thousand Twitch Followers
600.00 Views per Month
14 Thousand Subscribers
13 Thousand Followers
2.33 Million Impressions per month

Caliverse’s origin story begins in California, and usually ends with her standing tall after vanquishing her foes. A force of nature at heart, Caliverse mainly sticks to competitive FPS games, where she brings a bundle of high energy to her stream.

Armed with one of the most infectious laugh’s you’ll hear, you’ll often find Caliverse creating many memorable experiences on stream… Sometimes on accident, like crushing her own teammates with a Jeep.

A former athlete, Caliverse takes massive interest in major sports such as basketball and hockey, rooting for teams like the Toronto Raptors and the New York Rangers.

Caliverse is also known to have a strong passion for animal welfare, and you’ll find often find her spreading awareness of how humanity can help take care of our furry friends. Caliverse is a pet owner herself, proudly watching over her beloved canines, Arielle and Peach.

Give Caliverse a follow and you’ll find a personality that shines bright like a star.

8.76 Million watched minutes per year
107 Thousand follows across all Platforms

Top 4 Markets

North America55%
United Kingdom15%

Past & Present Promotional Partners include

Microsoft Studios
micro center
Magic the Gathering

Last Updated May 20 2020