Youtuber, Streamer, Professional Nerd

278,100 Views per Month
148,900 Twitch Followers
579,000 Video Views per Month
535,000 YouTube Subscribers

Crendor is a veteran in the content creation world. Crendor got his start on YouTube making funny and creative videos on World of Warcraft. With the advent of streaming, he now has an active Twitch following alongside his unique presence on YouTube. Crendor plays a variety of games, including WoW, League of Legends, Blood Bowl, and anything that catches his eye.

Crendor has developed a large following across his content creation platforms, with his own unique channels such as wowcrendorCrendorIRL (Vlog content), and the Cox and Crendor podcast. An avid sports fan, Crendor and  friends also collaborate on their podcast, Three Guys Talk About Football.

47 Million watched minutes per year
885,900 followers across all platforms

Top 4 Markets

United Kingdom62%

Last Updated Feb 21 2020