Tactical Shooter Specialist

520 Thousand views per month
276 Thousand Twitch Followers
1.13 Million Views per Month
228 Thousand Subscribers

An established broadcaster on Twitch, DeadlySlob is well known for his skilled and educational content. Getting his start creating videos on YouTube, he eventually transitioned into livestreaming his content and maintains a strong presence on both platforms.

A survival shooter specialist and variety streamer, DeadlySlob also enjoys playing a mix of games recently including Mount & Blade: Bannerlord, Star Citizen, and Snowrunner. As a staple in the Escape from Tarkov community, he has truly made his mark on the scene – even commanding the top spot on Twitch for nearly a full day! His community, the Deadly Nation relies on him for his well measured approach to the way he plays and evaluates games.

More than anything, DeadlySlob enjoys putting himself into challenging situations in-game which lead to often impressive and sometimes hilarious moments on stream!

571.96 Million watched minutes per year
540 Thousand follows across all Platforms

Last Updated May 20 2020