Fairlight Excalibur

Modern Day Knight

340,000 Uniques per Month
380,900 Twitch Followers

95,000 Video Views per Month
31,300 YouTube Subscribers

1.5 Million Impressions per Month
46,000 Twitter Followers

Fairlight Excalibur is a variety streamer and modern-day knight who started his career due to his love of storytelling and adventure. A Twitch streamer since 2014, Fairlight has become a fan favorite and a true master of his craft over the course of the past few years.

Fairlight’s knights have come to love his stream’s unique blend of highly-skill gameplay in conjunction with an intriguing narrative element that he brings to any game he dives into. For Fairlight, playing a game is about far more than the destination, it’s about the journey undertaken to get there.

299 Million watched minutes per year

458,200 followers across all platforms

Top 4 Markets
North America



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Last Updated: September 15 2018