680 Thousand views per month
206 Thousand Twitch Followers
7 Thousand Views per Month
44 Thousand Subscribers
35 Thousand Followers
3.02 Million Impressions per month

Veteran, streamer, world traveler, and fitness enthusiast, Faux is one of the largest names in Old School Runescape on Twitch. He began streaming in early 2013 and quickly garnered a loyal community of Runescape fans, earning him partnership by the end of the year. Being such an important and large part of the Runescape space has made him a powerful force in one of the most consistently popular directories on Twitch.

Still, despite a consistent stream schedule, Faux finds the time to practice a healthy work-life balance and can often be found traveling the world in his free time. Faux also has an extreme passion for personal fitness, and enjoys sharing his knowledge, education, and firsthand experiences with his audience. On stream, he strives to maintain a positive environment focused on constant community interaction and good times.

147.97 Million watched minutes per year
291 Thousand follows across all Platforms

Top 4 Markets

North America48%

Last Updated Feb 21 2020