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Fextralife is a video game news resource and gaming hub fueled by a team of dedicated gamers. With thousands of editors constantly collaborating, the content database at Fextralife remains up-to-date and reliable with launch-day guides, reviews, and wiki Hubs.
Fextralife is known for showcasing top RPG content with a strong focus on Souls-like games. Articles are selected from press releases, direct interviews and edited to ensure high quality, and accurate information

In addition to Fextralife.com, the team also creates content on Twitch and YouTube regularly. The Fextralife YouTube channel is home to some of the best guide and theory crafting video content on the web. If you’ve ever wondered how to pick a lock in “Kingdom Come Deliverance”, or how to defeat a particularly difficult boss in “Sekiro”, Fextralife.com has you covered.

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