850 Thousand views per month
240 Thousand Twitch Followers
5.90 Million Views per Month
225 Thousand Subscribers
68 Thousand Followers
3.41 Million Impressions per month

GrandPOObear, also known as The People’s Speedrunner, is one of the best Mario players in the world. His streaming career started in 2013 after a serious snowboarding accident sidelined him and he discovered that he was a natural in the streaming world. With a positive attitude and knack for interacting with his chat, he quickly amassed a large fan following known as The People that have been described as one of the most interactive and welcoming communities on Twitch. He was also a part of the team that created Crowd Control, a plugin that allows viewers to influence certain aspects of the games a streamer is playing and determine their fate.

While you’ll find GrandPOObear playing extremely hard Mario games extremely fast he also enjoys variety streaming and loves to play other classic platformers and survival games. Some of his greatest achievements include signing as Red Bull athlete, uploading a video to YouTube every day for over 4 years, and starting “Mario Masters Colosseum” which has raised over $350,000 for charity. In addition to his charity work he also launched GrandPOObear’s Speedrun Sessions in 2019 which is the first speedrun world tour that travels city to city where fans can gather to watch some of the best speedrunners in the world.

208.92 Million watched minutes per year
545 Thousand follows across all Platforms

Top 4 Markets

United States58%
United Kingdom5%

Past & Present Promotional Partners include

Red Bull
Mario Maker 2
Two Point Hospital
Crash Team Racing
Duck Game

Last Updated May 20 2020