International Touring Video Game DJ

21,400 listeners per Month
2.6 Million Total Plays
11,000 Twitter Followers
15,000 Sound Cloud Followers
2.8 Million Total Plays

Known to most as video game DJ and remixer GRIMECRAFT, Clarke Nordhauserhas operated within the music and games industry for over 5 years. Under a plume of poofyhair the former Harmonixartist turned international touring DJ fused a passion for music and games into a unique creative career. As part of the founding team at Wave, he helped build a platform for creating and sharing virtual concerts. He has also lent hisartistic efforts to award winning AAA game studios such as Crystal Dynamics and Insomniac Games, as well as managed A&R for independent record label GameChops.

29 Thousand follows across all Platforms

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Last Updated Feb 21 2020