Rock Legend, Lifelong Gamer, Innovative Streamer

75 Thousand views per month
60 Thousand Twitch Followers
37 Thousand Followers
5.83 Million Impressions per month

Everyone dreams of getting to hang out with a rockstar. Now, it’s not only possible, but you can do it from you rown home. Guitar god Herman Li of platinum and gold selling band DragonForce invites viewers into his life,whether that’s hanging out at home, recording new music or witnessing epic concerts from his perspective.

Herman’s passion for connecting with his fans drives a unique and engaging stream. As one of the best guitarists in the world, a lifelong gamer and former professional “tech nerd,” Herman can hold court on virtually any topic,while being a positive and aspirational role model for many young viewers.

Plus… where else can you get dating advice from a heavy metal legend?

2.52 Million watched minutes per year
97 Thousand follows across all Platforms

Top 4 Markets

North America81%
United Kingdom4%

Past & Present Promotional Partners include

Kingdom Under Fire 2
Risk of Rain 2

Last Updated May 20 2020