3.88 million Mixer total views
308,800 Mixer Followers
1.67M Impressions per Month
29,300 Twitter Followers
13,500 Instagram Followers

JaredFPS started his streaming career in 2015 and has since become one of the top streamers on Mixer. His community is proudly known as the “FPS Fam” that reflects Jared’s knack for being extremely family focused with  positivity flowing from all angles.

JaredFPS is primarily known for his skill in first person shooters and battle-royale style games but since he is a lifelong gaming extraordinaire don’t be surprised if you see him exploring into other genres. His proudest achievements to date include participating in the Gamescom Tournament, the Red Bull Las Vegas Tournament and raising $22,000 for the kids at Gamers for Giving 2018.

3.38 Million Mixer total views
366,100 + followers across all platforms

Last Updated May 23 2019