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They say “Not all heroes wear capes”, and as far as we know Kitboga doesn’t wear one either. Still, many would consider Kitboga to be a hero of sorts; calling scammers up and wasting their time while playing a number of entertaining and colorful characters. His professional and secure set-up makes it possible for him to safely spend hours on the phone with people who would otherwise be trying to steal from innocent individuals.

His unique streams have become a popular and exciting place to be on Twitch, where something new happens during each call he makes. While Kitboga remains a man of mystery, keeping his identity secure behind a cool set of shades, he has managed to build a loyal community of network security support specialists. His main goal is to build awareness around tech support scams and put an end to them.

400 Million watched minutes per year
436,400 followers across all platforms

Top 4 Markets

North America49%

Last Updated Sep 15 2018