Co-Founder of GuardianCon & Co-Owner of Rare Drop with a sharp mind for gaming content.

20,800 Mixer Followers

1.32M Views per Month
15,410 Subscribers

A man who wears many hats, kmagic101 is best known as being one of the faces of an emerging platform, Mixer. His other titles include Co-Founder of GuardianCon, Co-Owner of Rare Drop and Kings Coast Coffee Company, and Founder of 101SportsNet.

With a sharp mind for business and exciting gameplay, kmagic101 has developed a strong community and healthy channel across multiple platforms including Mixer, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Tune in to kmagic101 to view some fantastic PVE, looter/shooter, and story content! Join The Magic Club and be a part of one of the most popular channels on Mixer!

10 Million watched minutes per year

37,900 followers across all platforms

Top 4 Markets
United States



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Last Updated: March 22, 2019