Mr. Moon

Machinima Maestro and Expert Roleplayer

30,400 Views per Month
291,600 Twitch Followers

49,600 Views per Month
426,500 Subscribers

Jump in to the Swine Pit and spend the rest of your days working for and being entertained by the one and only MrMoon! MrMoonsHouse got his start in the influencer scene about 5 years ago when he became a viral hit playing the game DayZ. He became so popular that he made his own YouTube channel and immediately blew up! He hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and became partnered on Twitch, launching off his streamer career in 2014.

Join in MrMoon's streams to enjoy interactivity, role play, and a touch of chaos. There is a little bit for everyone in MrMoonsHouse!

49 Million watched minutes per year

789,800 followers across all platforms

Top 4 Markets
North America




Last Updated: March 8, 2019