Platform Pioneer, Collectibles King, Car Enthusiast

37 Thousand Facebook Followers
104 Thousand Followers
26.62 Million Impressions per month

A veteran of the gaming industry, Siefe has decisively cemented himself as one of the premier broadcasters in the industry. He may be the only broadcaster partnered on all three of the main streaming platforms: Twitch, Mixer, and Facebook. While he is recognizable today for his high-level gameplay on-stream, Siefe’s history as a member of the gaming community dates back to his time working as a consultant on various esports titles.

Siefe looks to lead by example in the content creation space, moving from Twitch to Mixer and then Mixer to Facebook to help grow and pioneer those platforms. His love for all things nerdy extends beyond his career as a broadcaster. Often you can find pictures of Siefe’s newest collectable pieces on his Instagram, along with awesome shots of his custom Mercedes-Benz and his incredible sneaker collection. Always one excited to try new things, Siefe looks forward to his next challenge.

51.84 Million watched minutes per year
630 Thousand follows across all Platforms

Top 4 Markets

United States67%

Past & Present Promotional Partners include

Rocket League
Turtle Beach
Wizards of the Coast

Last Updated May 20 2020