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A veteran of simulation gaming, Squirrel has become a mainstay on Twitch and YouTube, hosting one of the most popular simulator-focused channels on either platform. From delivering goods in a long-haul truck, to racing behind the wheel of a supercar, Squirrel is well-known for his family-friendly demeanor as well as his expertise in a variety of simulation-based titles.

While Squirrel is no-doubt best known for his simulator gameplay, he isn’t one to shy away from a fun game, regardless of the genre. A true gamer at heart, Squirrel has been known to indulge in everything from action-adventure titles to zombie shooters.

A qualified pilot in his own right, Squirrel has taken his simulator experience into the real world, giving his viewers a taste of the authentic experiences that inspire the simulators they play. Squirrel’s light, relaxed, and educational style in conjunction with the highly interactive relationship he shares with his audience has helped Squirrel build one of the most friendly communities on Twitch.

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Frontier Pilot Simulator
The Walking Dead
Rocket League

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Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Sim
Farming Simulator 17
my summer car

Last Updated May 20 2020