Sweet Anita

Gamer, Streamer, Mental Health Advocate

234,500 Views per Month
435,600 Twitch Followers
648,700 Impressions per Month
49,400 Twitter Followers

A unique and charismatic streamer, Sweet_Anita is a rising star on Twitch who strongly promotes mental health awareness. Diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in her teen years, Anita’s streams are littered with tics, which can vary in nature, ranging from subtle sounds to phrases that are most definitely NSFW.

She uses her platform on Twitch to host one of the more popular and interesting Just Chatting channels on the site, hosting honest discussions with her fans and answering their questions about her life and living with Tourette’s.

89 Million watched minutes per year
731,200 followers across all platforms

Top 4 Markets

United States32%
United Kingdom10%

Past & Present Promotional Partners include

A Ring of Elysium

Last Updated Mar 27 2020