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Faheem Najm, better known by his stage name T-Pain, is an American singer-songwriter, Grammy award-winning artist, record producer, actor, and livestreamer. Beginning his career as a rapper in the group Nappy Headz, T-Pain made the decision to bet on himself and go solo and has turned that decision into 11 Grammy nominations, two Grammy wins, and a career spanning over a decade and still going strong. Throughout his legendary career thus far he has had 12 #1 singles, 60 top ten singles, a plethora of radio hits and millions of concert tickets sold.

In 2016, T-Pain made the decision to bring his talents and natural charisma to his fans on Twitch. A lifelong gamer, T-Pain has cited gaming as more than just a hobby, but actually part of his musical process. “The gaming is therapeutic. While I’m playing, it’ll be a flash of a few lyrics and, oh shit, I just came up with a smash.”

A true fan of the medium as a whole, T-Pain plays everything from shooters and fighting games to classic beat-em-ups like Battletoads. His fandom was on full display in the summer of 2019 when he took home a win in the Twitch Rivals Rainbow Six Siege Celebrity Showdown. If that wasn’t enough, T-Pain went on to showoff his cosplay skills following the Tekken 7 announcement at EVO, portraying newly introduced character Leroy Smith.

Whether in music or gaming, T-Pain’s dedication and drive have made him a winner and he’s looking to share his success with the Nappy Boy Gaming community for years to come.

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Last Updated May 20 2020