The Girl with the Bow

216,000 Views per Month
127,200 Twitch Followers

5.2 Million Impressions per Month

56,000 Twitter Followers

TheHaleyBaby, aka The Girl With The Bow is a Twitch streamer who has managed to grab attention through many social media platforms. She has a prominent social media following that consistently grows every single day. TheHaleyBaby also does Lolita modeling on the side, where thousands of people follow her work on Instagram, Twitter, and Patreon. She attracts many of her followers also through her awesome, cheerful and high-energy personality.

TheHaleyBaby is very versatile with her broadcasts. While she loves playing FPS and horror games like Overwatch and Friday the 13th, she incorporates IRL streams of her doing cooking shows, cosplays, and living a high energy lifestyle into her channel. She might be one of the smallest people you’ve ever seen, but with her personality, the sky’s the limit

13 Million watched minutes per year

234,700 followers across all platforms

Top 4 Markets
North America
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Last Updated: September 15 2018