Roleplayer, Community Developer, Voice Actor

150 Thousand views per month
50 Thousand Twitch Followers
6 Thousand Followers
150 Thousand Impressions per month

Venalis is renown for his unique community, ‘Darkside RP.’ Through hard work and passion, Venalis brings an unmatched roleplaying experience to various open world games, such as Atlas, a pirate/naval themed world and ARK: Survival Evolved, where newly arrived players will find themselves on a futuristic island with friendly and hostile pre-historic creatures.

Venalis’ DarksideRP isn’t just any community, they’re custom servers staffed by a team of moderators and developers that apply their skills to creating custom content, not found in the game’s original gameplay. These servers provide a home to thousands of passionate roleplayers and content creators, where you can experience a novelty form of entertainment that is different every single day.

Aside from being a community leader, Venalis streams his own roleplay adventures regularly. You’ll often playing an assortment of characters, such as the Admiral Bane of a Royal Navy, Captain Galdric of the Blackwake pirates, or even stepping into the modern day RP and defending hardened criminals in a court of law as defense attorney Bishop Kane.

47.28 Million watched minutes per year
56 Thousand follows across all Platforms

Top 4 Markets

North America74%

Past & Present Promotional Partners include

Ark Survival Evolved
Mechwarrior 5
Risk of Rain 2
micro center

Last Updated May 20 2020