Payment Recovery

OPG does business with hundreds of game publishers, hardware companies, and marketing agencies throughout the world on behalf of our management clients. If you’ve done a deal with a company that works with broadcasters, the odds are good that we have too. If you need help collecting on an overdue sponsorship payment, we may be able to help you set things right and get paid.

Send us a message using the contact form below. Our team will evaluate the information and, if we believe we can help, a representative will reach out to help you to begin the process (which includes signing an NDA that will allow you to discuss confidential or sensitive topics with us.)

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What will this cost me?

Typical debt collection services charge 30% of the TOTAL you are owed, regardless of the amount that they recover. As an example, if you were owed $1,000, the debt collection service is empowered to negotiate a lower payment rate and takes the first $300 of any money collected. This means that it’s unlikely you’d get back very much of your money.

In our system – which may need to change as we develop it – we want to do better. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to recover your money, so it feels wrong to charge up front for the service. IF we succeed, we’ve succeeded together, so we’ll both get paid. Our initial revenue share plan is 15% (minimum $150) of the amount YOU receive, not the total you are owed.

At OPG we’re passionate about doing good in the industry and protecting online performers from exploitative and predatory businesses. It’s our hope that this service will help to increase transparency in the industry and ensure that more sponsorship money ends up where it should: in the hands of broadcasters.